Optimize Your Facebook Traffic Campaigns For Landing Page Views Not Link Clicks. Here’s Why.

If you want more people to visit your website, then selecting the Traffic objective for your Facebook campaign seems like a safe bet. Facebook will optimize your ads to get more traffic to your website. Right? Well, not exactly.


The Problem: Link Clicks

If you’re familiar with this objective, then you’ll be familiar with its optimization options.

Optimization - Link Clicks.png

Like many people, I’m sure you optimize for Link Clicks. But herein lies the problem. This optimization targets people who click the link in your ad, NOT people who visit your website. This is a problem as it doesn’t take into account whether a person waits for your webpage to load. If they don’t, then you won’t get traffic to your website — which was your original goal. This is a problem, especially on mobile where 53% of users abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The Solution: Landing Page Views

Enter Landing Page Views. This is a new optimization that Facebook has recently introduced (although it’s not available to all users yet).

Optimizaton - Landing Page Views.png

Whereas the Link Click optimization targets people who are most likely to click your ad, the Landing Page Views optimization targets people who are most likely to click your ad AND wait for your landing page to fully load. This ensures you’re actually getting people to your website.

This optimization is also available for Conversion campaigns, but whichever objective you select, there are a couple of requirements you must meet in order to optimize for it.

To recognize whether a person has waited for your page to load, you need to have the Facebook Pixel installed. More instructions on how to do that here. Ideally you should install the base code on every page of your website — so you can build custom audiences of website visitors — but to use the Landing Page Views optimization you just need to have it installed on the landing page you are sending people to from your ad. As long as the standard page view event is firing, then you’re fine.

You can add this metric to the columns on your Ads Manager dashboard as well. This will allow you to compare the number of link clicks your campaign is getting to the number of landing page views, helping you to identify whether this is an optimization that will really help you.

Landing Page Views Column Selection.png

If your link clicks match your landing page views then it’s not something you necessarily need to consider. If your landing page views are well below your link clicks however, you definitely need it.

Once you use this optimization, you might find that your cost per click increases. These should be higher quality clicks however, with people actually visiting your website. So it’s worth it.


The goal of your web Traffic campaign is to get people to your website. So it makes sense to optimize your campaign for that goal. This latest update from Facebook allows you to do just that.