How Supership Automates Advertising Using Adgo

Utilizing Data To Drive Actionable Insights

Supership operates Japan’s largest advertising business using cutting-edge ad technologies, centering around its own DMP and digital advertising agency. As part of KDDI its revenue grew 23% in 2016. It continues to look to the latest technologies to solve client problems, improve campaigns and integrate data into its digital advertising solutions.


Looking to improve its social advertising campaigns for clients Supership partnered with Adgo to take advantage of the latest AI technology in the industry. In the following interview Masaki Ichikawa, Sales Manager at Supership, and Shingo Yamaguchi, Marketing Manager at Supership’s client Mamari, talk with Michael Kim, CEO at Adgo, about the results they’ve seen so far.

Using AI to discover what messages, audience segments and customer journeys work.

Ichikawa: Supership partnered with Adgo as we saw the need to utilize more and more data to optimize our social advertising campaigns in real-time. Using Adgo’s AI we can automate this process and launched our first Adgo campaign with our client “Mamari”.

Yamaguchi: “Mamari” creates online communities for expectant and new parents, sharing stories, tips and inspiration on its Facebook, Instagram and LINE accounts. Although we had grown our user base significantly we felt there was more we could do. We worked with Supership to introduce Adgo in order to more precisely segment and target users and find out what advertisements actually drove activation and acquisition.

Ichikawa: With the increased amount of time consumers are spending on smartphones and social media we know it’s essential to utilize social media advertising effectively for our clients. However, if you already are already a big brand in your category—like “Mamari”—then it can be difficult to find new audiences to expand your reach. This is where Adgo has helped. We have been able to test hundreds of micro-segments and thousands of customer journeys, Adgo then identifies the patterns that help us find new customers. This wouldn’t have been possible for a human to do manually.

Kim: Adgo uses proprietary algorithms to automate the optimization of bidding, budgeting and creative selection throughout the duration of a campaign. Our AI combines the data from audience targeting, creative messaging and funnel stage, making innumerable campaign decisions to find the best customer journeys and deliver users the most targeted advertisements.

Ichikawa: What results did we get?

We improved our Cost Per Acquisition by 10 percent and gained vital new insights into the key attributes of “Mamari” customers through testing numerous customer journeys. This would not have been possible without Adgo.
— Shingo Yamaguchi, Marketing Manager

Yamaguchi: We improved our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 10 percent and time spent launching and managing campaigns has been reduced by over a third. More importantly we gained vital new insights into the key attributes of “Mamari” customers through testing numerous customer journeys that would not have been possible without Adgo. We are able to share these insights with our team as well as utilize the new information for the creation of future campaigns and messaging. Moreover, since the amount of manual management work throughout the campaign was reduced, we were able to spend more time on our creative process.

Kim: We’re really looking forward to continuing to work with Supership. We’ll be connecting with their DMP soon so that they can deliver clients even deeper insights into customer journey performance and continue to improve CPA.

This is a translation of an article that originally appeared in Sendenkaigi.