How DMM launched its CSR strategy with Adgo


One of Japan’s largest companies launched its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division in 2017. It needed to shine a spotlight on all the great work it does around the world, the entrepreneurs it inspires and begin to reframe its brand story internationally. Adgo’s content optimization capabilities helped it build brand awareness by finding people most likely to be impacted by its message.


The Company


DMM is a Japanese ecommerce and Internet company known in Japan for its adult business, which used to be the core of its revenue. It has since diversified its businesses to include online shopping, on-demand video, entertainment, gaming and forex trading.

The Goal

DMM.Strategy was created as the CSR Branch of DMM and tasked with changing the image of DMM. The goal was to shine a light on the variety of businesses and good work DMM carries out as well as grow the DMM brand in global markets.

The Challenge

The challenge was trying to scale advertising to grow DMM.Strategy’s audience as quickly as possible. To do this DMM needed to know what content worked well with each target audience, enabling them to get maximum impact for their budget by reaching the audiences most likely to engage with their content.

The Solution

By using Adgo’s content optimization solution to launch multiple content promotions to multiple audience segments, DMM managed to quickly optimize content promotion to the most engaged audience. Adgo found which messages resonated with which audiences, to ensure the most valuable content was targeted at each micro-segment.

The Result

Within a month, on a tight budget, DMM managed to drive over 6,000 Fans to their newly created Facebook Page for DMM.Strategy and over 300,000 video views of their content. Not only did DMM grow their brand internationally, but they also helped reframe their story within the Expat and Venture Community in Japan.

  • Over 6,000 new Facebook fans
  • Over 300,000 video views
Adgo did not feel like just another tool. The team was readily available to help us grow our advertising and Adgo’s content optimization enabled us to quickly grow our brand by reaching our most engaged prospects with relevant content.
— Stephane Fouche, DMM.Strategy, Director