9 Ways Adgo Can Help Your In-House Marketing Team

Run your marketing campaigns in-house or outsource to an agency? It’s a question all marketers face. There’s no one right answer, unfortunately, and which best suits your business rests on your own unique situation. But there are pros and cons to both that can help inform your choice.

By keeping management of your campaigns in-house you cut out the middlemen. This allows more transparency and saves agency fees swallowing up your campaign spend. You also get to use your own first hand knowledge of your industry and customers to shape your campaigns and react in real-time to changes throughout the duration of your campaign.

Of course this also requires a lot more in-house expertise. The reality is there will unlikely be the channel experts that are available in agencies. This knowledge gap makes it more difficult to achieve high performance.

There is a number of ways that Adgo will help in-house marketers overcome some of these problems when running paid social media campaigns.

1. Targeting


Adgo enables you to micro-segment your audience targeting and track in-depth performance data. Segment by interest, behaviour, device, location, age, gender, ad placement, language and many more. Not only is this type of segmentation key to personalizing your messaging, it ensures you find your most valuable audiences quickly and identify those which are underperforming.

2. Messaging


With Adgo you can upload multiple ad images and text combinations for each of your targeting segments. Our Creative Sequencer algorithm (algo) finds which messages work best for each audience and only show those delivering the most optimal performance. Ensuring each audience segment sees the right message.

3. Branding


Protecting your brand integrity from negative publicity is a critical component of any in-house marketers remit. Social media makes this job even harder. Negative feedback can spread quickly on social media platforms. Adgo’s Brand Guard algo will automatically shut down any ads that are receiving too much negative feedback, helping you put out potential fires before they spread.

4. Customer Experience


Ensuring continuity across platforms and purchase lifecycles is vital to providing a positive customer experience. We built Adgo with the customer lifecycle in mind. Create and connect campaigns across multiple platforms and our algos will optimize across the entire customer journey, ensuring you're spending on the platforms that matter, with the messages that work. Helping you build awareness, create engagement and drive conversions, by providing the best experience to each individual user.

5. Performance


Optimizing the performance of digital campaigns comes down to being able to manage bidding strategies across different targeting sets. At a large scale this starts to become both unmanageable and unreliable, often based on instincts as well as one or two data points.

Adgo’s Bid Optimizer automates your bidding strategy for you. You supply a number of key goals to optimize towards and the Bid Optimizer will update bids for you based on hundreds of data points. It’s not a black box either. You get to track all the changes that are made, enabling you to match and exceed the performance provided by a large agency and keep the transparency of managing in-house.

6. Budgeting


Deciding where to spend budgets will make or break your campaigns. Which platform should get what percentage? How much should you spend on building awareness versus driving conversions? How should you shift budgets during campaigns?

Adgo’s Funnel Optimizer solves these problems by automating your budget management. It will shift budgets throughout your ad sets and campaigns to ensure you’re balancing spend optimally throughout your marketing funnel and spending on the right platform. As with the Bid Optimizer you determine the key goals and can track changes throughout the duration of your campaign.

7. Collaboration


You can add as many users as you like to your company on Adgo, linking multiple external ad accounts and controlling user permission at the ad account level. You can collaborate in the creation and launch of campaigns. During the management phase all changes are tracked to ensure transparency in how changes are being managed.

8. Scale


You create and manage your campaigns directly through the Adgo interface. We use workflow automation to enable you to do this at a large scale, avoiding repetition, to create campaigns with hundreds of targeting segments and ads in minutes. Once created on Adgo, the system then launches your campaign directly to your chosen ad platforms for you.

9. Efficiency


Using a combination of workflow automations and AI you can launch large scale campaigns in a fraction of the time with expert level optimization and management provided autonomously. This frees you up to continue you doing what you do best. Getting creative.


Using an agency or in-house marketing team will appeal to different brands depending on their situation. But by using the right technology provider, in-house teams can eliminate some of the drawbacks of sidelining an agency. Empowering your in-house team to combine the expertise, scale and scope of an agency, with your own first hand knowledge of your brand and industry.

Icons in this blog were taken from Flaticon.