How Agencies Can Use Adgo To Win A Marketing Pitch

When it comes to securing new business, the route for any agency will always include a pitch–your chance to prove to a prospective client that your agency is best suited to run a successful campaign. You win some, you lose some. It’s just how it goes.

But pitches consume a lot of internal resources with no guaranteed return. Ensuring you are doing everything you can to win a pitch is vital to justify the resources you commit to this process.

So how can Adgo help?

The Problem

Digital Has Changed Expectations

Media buying and measurement have changed, the shift to digital marketing has altered both advertiser and consumer expectations and the way in which agencies need to operate. Gone is the “Mad Men” era where agencies sold TV, radio and print advertising campaigns. In its place are specialist digital and social agencies.

Why? Digital advancements have driven up consumer expectations—Forrester recently labelled the current era as the Age of the Customer. Advancements in augmented reality, chatbots and AI have instilled people with the belief that they can have what they want, where, when and how they want it. It’s no longer good enough to just broadcast generic messages—consumers expect a tailored dialogue matched to their needs. This trend of increasing consumer expectations will only grow as Millennials account for more and more of the market.

The result? Agencies need to shift their strategies to ensure their clients are making the entire customer journey more engaging, from beginning to end.

This presents a challenge to agencies—how do you supply the channel expertise and dedicate time needed to execute personalized campaigns on such a scale? And, furthermore, how do you ensure you stay up-to-speed with ever changing digital channels to provide your clients with the optimal campaign?

The Solution

AI Can Match And Exceed Those Expectations

Utilizing Adgo will enable you to create complex campaigns of any scale for your client and automate management of the campaign through our AI algorithms.

You can create a campaign with multiple audience segments and multiple messages within each audience segments. Our proprietary algorithms will find and optimize your client’s campaign towards the best performing messages in each segment—matching messages to users. It will do this by adjusting bids and budgets throughout the campaign and controlling which ad creatives are shown to which segments. It provides transparency, accuracy and flexibility not available through oCPM options available directly on Facebook and other platforms.

You can create multi-stage campaigns across the whole customer journey, with separate goals at each stage. Our AI is designed to work across the entire marketing funnel and will work to find the best customer journey, for each audience segment and the ideal messaging at each stage. It can tests millions of combinations throughout a campaign to find the best results.

You decide how many stages your client’s funnel has, how many audience segments there are and what actions you want to optimize for at each stage—it’s completely flexible and up to you. This can be set up within a single ad campaign or across multiple campaigns.

The result? Adgo will find and optimize the best customer journey among millions of possibilities in real-time, from top to bottom of the funnel, for all your audience segments. This will enable you to build awareness, enhance engagement and drive conversions based on in-depth analysis that no person—however expert—could do manually.


Use Adgo As A Differentiator

You’ll likely be pitching against multiple competitors, each trying to convince the prospective client that they have the best digital talent and can execute the most effective campaign. Some may be large, well-known agencies, others may be small, nimble channel-experts. Instead of just saying your agency is the best, you need to prove it.

Use Adgo as the point of differentiation in your pitch. Adgo is the only option that can test millions of possibilities in a single campaign, optimize towards the best one automatically and provide detailed, transparent reports of performance for each audience segment, creative and customer journey.

Get in contact with us directly to get access to resources that you can include in your next pitch deck.