How Moneytree Increased App Installs While Lowering Costs With Adgo


Driving App Installs At Scale

One of Japan’s leading personal finance apps was looking to drive more app installs at scale in a competitive market. Working with Adgo it used Facebook and Instagram to take a more intelligent approach to segmenting and optimizing a large potential target audience, driving more installs at a lower cost per action.

The Company

A Strong Brand That Users Trust

Moneytree is a financial management app that partners with Japan’s top banks to provide users with a complete picture of personal finances across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android and web. It was a winner of Best App of 2013 and 2014.

The Goal

Increasing Monthly Active Users

Moneytree is already an established app in the Japanese market and was looking to cement its place by driving more monthly active users. The goal was to increase the volume of app installs while keeping costs down.

The Challenge

Fine Tuning Performance At Scale

A key challenge was that the B2C app has such a wide potential user base. This opens it up to a large competitive market in which it is difficult to gain app install traction at a large scale while keeping costs down. In order to do this manual bidding is required. But optimizing bids manually to target the best performing audiences is a task too large to manage by an individual at this scale.

The Solution

A Programmatic Approach To Launch And Management

For the scale of campaigns, a programmatic approach to campaign launch and management was taken. Adgo utilized campaign data to perform real-time analysis on the performance of each individual ad across all target segments.

Adgo then managed the manual bid and budget allocation automatically, performing adjustments multiple times through the day to make the most of the real-time analysis. Bids and budgets were allocated to top performing advertisements and audiences ensuring cost per install was kept low while the overall number of installs increased.

The Result

On Target

Identifying top performing target segments and optimizing campaign structure in real-time were the key factors to being able to keep costs low and increase overall installs—allowing Moneytree to increase monthly active users while keeping costs down.

  • 18% reduction in cost per install
  • 18% increase in monthly installs
I can’t think of Facebook acquisition efforts without Adgo anymore. Facebook helps us connect to real people with real needs. Then, Adgo automates what used to take me or my team 10-20 hours per week. That let’s me focus more of my time on product-side growth efforts with practically hands-off management of Facebook ads while still hitting my targets. Adgo is the perfect solution for anyone serious about performance marketing.
— Jon Clemons, Head of Growth, Moneytree