5 Common Facebook Advertising Misconceptions - Debunked!


People have various reasons for not using Facebook advertising, and the majority of the time, those reasons are misguided.

Here are 5 of the most common, misguided conclusions surrounding Facebook advertising.

  1. Facebook isn’t a viable advertising platform for my business
  2. Facebook advertising will perform miracles for my business
  3. Facebook advertising is for professional advertisers, not me
  4. Facebook advertising is a waste of money
  5. My business isn’t ready for advertising on Facebook

We are going to debunk these misconceptions, hopefully for good!

1 - Facebook isn’t a viable advertising platform for my business.

Simply put, if your end user is on Facebook, then yes it is. With the variety of campaign objectives, creative types, and targeting settings available to the user these days, any business, big or small, B2B or B2C, online or brick-and-mortar, can benefit from a well-executed Facebook campaign. Let’s look at a common case.

The little corner restaurant - The restaurant manager has a small website, but  only because someone once told her that she needed one. Other than that, she does nothing in terms of digital or online promotions. The restaurant is mostly local foot traffic with some word of mouth patronage that travels a distance to eat there. She could definitely benefit from gaining new customers or boosting the value of current customers.

Her misconception - Online advertising is for reaching a multitude of people in large areas, not for smaller establishments in local areas.

The Truth - With Facebook local awareness advertisements and offer claims, you can target a pinpoint location with as small as a 1km radius and narrow down the audience even further with keywords. You can present coupons that prospective new customers can redeem at your establishment, prompt users to message you directly, call your store, or get directions. Because you are targeting a smaller audience, in a smaller radius, and only at the times potential customers are in that radius, you are spending less money than if you were to target a wide audience and you are reaching the best possible user. This allows you to avoid two of the most common mistakes - targeting too wide an audience and paying too much to get a conversion.

Adgo Benefit - Targeting settings, budget management, bidding optimization, ad creative testing, and even campaign strategy and idea generation, are all built into Adgo's unique campaign template and automation systems, allowing all businesses, both experienced and not so experienced, to get into the high-performance advertising game quickly and smoothly. 


2 - Facebook advertising will perform miracles

This misconception is more common than you think. There are those that categorize digital / online advertising techniques with specialized software as advanced miracle work. They read the cliffs notes of new technology and start developing the mind set of, "if we just spend a little money, the technology will work miracles, and we will get 10 times the return!” This is a dangerous mindset as it will lead to not only failure, but afterwards, a misguided view that positive Facebook advertising results are a hoax.  

It is true that some campaigns will go viral and that the outcome will be way greater than expected, but this is rare. However, a well-planned and executed campaign can give you great return on your ad spend (ROAS). It takes proper planning and execution and you need to be able to learn quickly from your less than optimal performing campaigns.

Adgo Benefit - Launching a campaign on Adgo ensures that the various campaign settings are always optimal to your campaign objective, meaning that once you provide your creatives and ad text, Adgo will ensure that your ad spend is optimized to the highest possible point. Adgo will also give you the valuable feedback on your campaigns that is crucial that each subsequent campaign is an improvement upon the previous.


3 - Facebook advertising is for professional advertisers

Just as there was a web 2.0, that allowed the “common folk” to participate in what was once a “specialist only” industry, advertising is undergoing an advertising 2.0, where anyone can start to learn and launch professional level advertising campaigns. 3rd party services that help users utilize the power of advertising platforms, like Adgo does for Facebook advertising, definitely make the experience for the average user easier, but even dealing with the platforms directly is very much doable for any first-time advertiser.

It comes down to - “the more you put into it the more you get out of it.” Which basically means, do your due diligence, read blogs (like this one) on how to launch your first campaign, and set goals and metrics to track for determining success. 

Adgo Benefit - Adgo templates give you the professional, industry-proven campaign strategies, the automated launch system ensures your campaign is always formatted and launched with the most optimal settings to your objective, and the automated high-powered algorithms perform real-time updates on your campaign on your behalf to ensure there is no down time between data analysis and action taken.


4 - Facebook advertising is a waste of money

Yes, it is possible to waste money on Facebook advertising. Advertising successfully for your company requires considering a lot of factors, from the creatives and ad text you use, how you set up your campaign, who you target, what your landing page looks like, and the validity of your company’s product and or services themselves. You need to focus on all of these moving parts if you want good ROAS. Luckily, it is getting easier and easier to ensure that all of these moving parts are working efficiently for you and your business.

If you have a good and relevant landing page, have some catchy images and ad text that speak to your target audience, you know who your target audience is, and you spend the time to set up the campaign, you can expect positive ROAS. I know this sounds like a lot to do, but this is also the reason why Adgo exists, to make campaign creation, launch, and management easier for you.

Adgo Benefit - Adgo automates each step along the way to ensure that your budget is optimized. From campaign strategies, to structure, all the way to budget allocation and campaign relaunch, your ROAS is Adgo's #1 priority. 


5 - My business isn’t ready for Facebook advertising

You have to start somewhere. Even if you have just launched your official Facebook page, you are ready to start. Start by first populating your page with some content then move onto getting page fans. This is quite possibly what your first campaign can be - to get more page fans. What you will want to do however is ensure you are getting the RIGHT fans. The goal is not just high numbers, but to get the right people who will one day potentially be a paying customer or advocate of your company and or brand. 

After you get a fan base, you can start targeting that fan base to bring them to your website, turn those visitors into custom audience lists (WCA - Website Custom Audience), and then start converting those custom audiences into paying customers. Luckily, Adgo makes this entire process simple for you in the form of easy-to-use campaign templates.

Adgo Benefit - Adgo will analyze your various Facebook assets, page sizes, and industry to help you determine your best course of action for utilizing Facebook advertising to start enhancing your business. The most appropriate and opportune campaign templates will always be readily available for your use.


There are many reasons why a company may opt to not utilize Facebook advertising, but make sure that the reasons you may have are not misguided. If you have tend to believe any of the misconceptions listed above, the best advice I can give you is to just start with a simple campaign, create a goal, a way to measure success, and launch. 

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