Start your official Facebook Page

There are over 50 million small-midsized enterprises (SMEs) on Facebook, but believe it or not, there are still many SMEs that do not yet have a solid Facebook presence or even a page yet. This post is here to help those SMEs and other private business owners start developing a strong rooted Facebook presence.

First, why it is important to be active on Facebook as an SME or private business owner?

  1. For the most part, it is absolutely free. You do not have to pay for web hosting or a web designer.
  2. Facebook gives you the tools to learn more about the people that follow your page.
  3. Facebook gives you the tools to track people who visit your website and turn them into custom audience lists that you can use to target later on when you decide to start with paid Facebook ads. 
  4. Your potential customers spend an average 50 minutes a day (worldwide average, but could be considerably more depending on which country you are in) on Facebook, and believe it or not, make a lot of purchase decisions based on content that they see on Facebook.

Common mistakes SMEs or private business owners make when getting started with Facebook:

  1. They make a user account and name it after their company, rather than creating an official business page.
  2. They make a community page and name it after their company, rather than creating an official business page.
  3. They do not actively try to nurture their page nor their relationships with their fans even after creating the page and acquiring the fans.

Anyway, let's start creating your page

There should be an easy to find "Create page" option located conveniently on the lefthand-side sidebar when viewing Facebook on a Desktop (recommended if you are setting up your company's official Facebook page). You can also visit this link - CREATE

From here, choose either Local Business, if you are a Brick and Mortar style shop and are most likely looking for people to come visit your physical location, or choose "Company, Organization, or Institution" if you are more primarily web-based, or B2B. 

After you choose the most appropriate type of page, you will have several tabs of information that you can fill out (either now or later, but I recommend now). You will be asked to fill out information regarding your company, provide some images (logo and header image, etc...), and describe the target user you would like to attract to your page. You can however skip all of these steps and opt to complete them later. 

The end result will be a completely blank page, but it will be created and ready to go!

Even though you can get to this step and successfully create your new Facebook page without providing any information or images, I would strongly suggest to at least provide the following as a bar minimum before you start to try and grow your fanbase:

  1. Header image and profile image - use Canva for quick and easy (free and professional looking) image creation (they automatically give you the most optimal image sizes too!).
  2. About information, e.g., your address if you have one, website, contact email and or phone number.
  3. Several posts. Remember too that posts with images and videos are more attractive and prompt more engagement from fans than simple text posts.

Once you have setup these first initial steps, the quickest way to start generating fans to the page is by inviting those in your personal network (your friends list) to like the page and share it with their friends. 

After that, another way is to comment or engage with posts on other pages. Now that you are an admin of a page, you can act on behalf of that page when you engage with the posts from other pages.

Just click on your portrait icon in the right hand corner below the post and select from the dropdown the page you would like to post on behalf of.


Now that you have your page up and running with some basic branding and imagery, and you have a few posts published on the wall, and you even have some activities underway for attracting new fans, it is time to learn about how to create a social media plan that will allow you to continue growing your page and more importantly, allow you to use the page to help grow your business. 

Please stay tuned for future updates and blog post continuations that build on this topic.

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