One Simple Platform



Create campaigns with thousands of audience segments and creative variations. Adgo will then automate the structure and launch of your campaign immediately; creating campaigns of any scale in minutes.


Use Adgo's proprietary algorithms to automate the management of your campaign. Adgo will deliver the best performing creative and targeting; optimizing bids and budgets to maximize your ROI.


Monitor the performance of your campaign from beginning to end through Adgo’s dashboard. Access in-depth campaign data through a simple to use interface.

Take Charge Of Your Full Funnel Marketing



Intelligent Bid Optimization

Enhance performance by bidding and budgeting for each audience segment with Adgo’s automated bid optimization algorithm.



Data-Driven Creative Selection

Find your most effective messages and deliver them to the right audience segments with real-time split testing using Adgo's automated creative selection algorithm.


Sequential Messaging

Plan progressive messaging for each stage of your marketing funnel, nurturing your prospects to conversion by getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


Flexible Media Plans

Use built-in templates to create full funnel campaigns that optimize your end-to-end customer lifecycle marketing, or create standalone campaigns to attract, engage or convert customers.


Built-In Brand Protection

Safeguard against brand damage by ensuring only ads generating positive sentiment get delivered to your prospects and customers with Adgo’s automated brand guard algorithm.



Real-Time Data

Deep dive into your campaign performance and take action on hundreds of data points. Breakdown and organize data by audience, platform, placement, creative and more.


Workflow Automation

Launch and manage complex campaigns of any scale in a fraction of the normal time with end-to-end workflow automation.

Use Any Of Our Proprietary Algorithms

Creative Selection Algorithm

Selects your best performing ad creatives to ensure your most effective messages are getting seen by target customers.

Bid Optimization Algorithm

Optimizes bids and budgets for the best targets and value propositions ensuring you're spending money to get results.

Brand Guard Algorithm

Measures the reactions to your ad to ensure that only messages generating positive sentiment are delivered to the your target segments—protecting your brand integrity.

What Customers Are Saying

Adgo has been pivotal to Spartan Race’s success in new markets. The ability to develop and test various targeting groups for each new region has allowed Spartan to source new leads at cost. Spartan has also freed up assets for other tasks, knowing that Adgo can handle the campaign launch and manage the campaign lifecycle.
— Victoria Cunningham, Director of Marketing & PR, Asia, Spartan Race


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